La newborn berenguer


OMG! Was she dark skinned to begin? I need to make one like this!


Yes she was, I didn t add to much paint just the hair. Lol


Those left on the torso and lightly painted are what we used to call enhanced factory dolls. I think changing out the body for a cloth body makes a huge difference in converting them from a play doll to something that feels more life like as a reborn doll. They are very cuddly when put on a cloth body and even just lightly weighted in the torso and head with poly fill in the limbs. I do it that way for kids. I also have a Prillycharmin pattern for a cloth body I used to sew for them when I made these.


Yes, I used 16mm, they fit perfect.


There is a woman named LaDonna Briggs from sweet potatoes pie nursery and she is on you tube and she shows you how to reborn a bernguer doll and also shows u What body to use. But think she used 17 inch realborn body with full limbs.hope this helps


Here are a few I did a very long time ago, I lost the pics I had, someone else had them in their computer as you can see I took the pics off of the computer screen


These are sweet. I still love the Berenguer babies.


My first five reborns were Berenguers and LaNewborns. They’re really cute when reborn.

This first one, the customer wanted these vivid green eyes.


I found it easiest to remove their limbs by heating them to 200 degrees for 8 minutes.


The last pic is a berenguer, but not the same as the 2 above. I bought off of e-bay new for about 70.00.
The box said it was made in Spain, Her title was something like, Recien RN . I cant really remember all of it. I liked her more , she had a softer vinyl and more of a newborn look. Ive looked for her at times, but cant find her


I really love that one. Yours is beautiful. So soft looking. I haven’t been able to find her, either, but there’s a few on eBay now but I have no dolly dollars. Figures.