Kyra or Kyle?

Yeppers I see all boy in this little guy too. If you dressed him in a dress I think he would get rather grumpy LOL

Not been my day…Having all kinds of problems with my server gerrr!

Awww Thanks

Oh he is all boy. What a sweetie!

I see a sweet baby BOY.

Awww he’s very cute! I love his little blue outfit. That is adorable.
Where did you find that?

Hi all…DOTD is Kyra so I went searching for photos and have a question…do you think this cutie looks like a boy because his lips aren’t glossy? I too see pure boy and wonder if this is something to consider when painting? Do you guys factor gloss in on gender?

I didn’t see this baby until today. He’s a cutie and all boy.

He is so cute and I love the eyes!! I see boy all the way too…

He is a sweetie, I agree I see all boy.

Hugs Tina