She is so sweet!


Wow she looks like an AA or biracial AA baby and I would never have thought about that for that particular sculpt. I like her a lot!


I think it is the curly hair that makes her look AA to me since Asians have really straight hair. She’s adorable! You should be proud of her.


She’s gorgeous! I love her hair.


I think she is gorgeous. She could be Asian-American with curly hair!


She is adorable, and looks very realistic sitting in her play chair.


I really thought she was a real baby at first! What a cutie.


wow…she’s adorable. good job


She is just adorable!!


She is sooo precious and real looking, Great job.

Hugs tina


She’s a real darling, I love her curly hair.


She came out beautiful Sheila. I do not think I have really seen too many reborns of yours. How long have you been reborning? She came out lovely.

Dolly Hugs to you.


Maybe I should just take pictures of all the ones that are finished the next time I come over and just send you pictures of all of them. Another excuse to come over and reborn babies!


Absolutely fantabulous!!!


I thought she was real too. Very well done. The open mouth looks perfect. Love her look of Asian and AA.