Kyle's Limbs

I have a Kyle head and Jaden’s limbs. I had the Jaden limbs with no head. So I got Kyle’s head to go with the set of limbs thinking it’ll work. Jaden is suppose to be 21 inches when completed and Kyle 22". I’d say Jaden’s limbs will only work for a kit 19-20 inches. Jaden’s limbs are entirely too small Kyle’s head size. I see that there’s extra Kyle’s arms are in stock but not his legs. What legs do you think would work for him?

I’d say Jaden is a 20 inch baby. And you’re right. Her limbs are way too small for Kyle. I think 22 inch legs would fit better. Cozy legs might work but they’re 21 inch and I haven’t seen them so I can’t really tell if they’d be proportionate to the arms.


Cozy limbs are about the same size as Jaden’s maybe not as chunky. I originally had the Jaden limbs to replace Cozy’s limbs because I melted them. They’re almost identical in how they look. Jaden’s limbs even has like thumb sticking out like Cozy.