Know of a good ethnic tutorial?

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a good ethnic tutorial to purchase? I want to do a biracial baby sometime in future, for myself, but haven’t been happy with my results. I thought Ember would be my last baby, but I really want a biracial doll to complete my collection. My past efforts look either too red, or too yellow. How do they get that natural looking tone, like Tatjani here?: … K:MEWAX:ITThanks so much in advance.

Sounds like Lara’s tutorial is excellent. Does anyone have a link? Thanks again in advance.

We have a free tutorial at this link:
There is a download link to a free tutorial in the item description.

Bountiful Baby

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Thanks so much everyone. I’m really getting excited about trying an ethnic complexion again!
I appreciate your nice words about my siggy babies Debi, thank you.

I just finished taking Lara Antonucci (Angels In Waiting) Ethnic class. And it was superb! He E-book for it is only 20 dollars and worth every cent! As are her other E-books. She is teaching a class at the IRDA conference in California this June so you know she must know her stuff! I know I have improved 300 percent since taking her classes and doing her ebooks.
Good luck in your quest!

Here is my first ethnic baby which was produced with Lara’s eBook. I followed the directions to make a darker baby.

Your AA baby looks great Joy. I love the realism of the bottom of her foot. I was wondering if there are a lot of pictures in Lara’s tutorial? I find pictures of the steps to be so helpful.

I am joy…the baby pictured belongs to Karen …we are friends and both took the class! I don’t want her feelings hurt here… her baby is really really nice and beautiful.
I will post a picture of my poor little African Massi Warrior who is REALLY supposed to be dark and who didn’t WANT to be dark So he got to see the actone a LOT…but after stripping him 4 times I got it! Lara and the moderators were so helpful, the instructions were so good…I ended up having bad Mars Black Genesis Paint. When I switched jars I had no issue at all. You know who suggested that? My 12 year old grandson! LOL he said…Nana! your black paint didn’t dissolve all the way that is why he looks liek he played in the chimney! roflmbo! Leave it to a 12 year old to SEE the problem! It worked!
I have to say…Jared’s maternal grandmother is a wonderful artist. He has lived off and on his whole life in a house with one art form or another, so I guess something HAD to rubb off! lol
I will post a picture of my guy so you can see the gamut of alternatives that Lara’s books can give.

Sorry Karen, I guess the “Bundles of Joy” nursery name mixed me up. Your baby is so cute. I look forward to seeing Joy’s too.