Knitter wanted


I have been crocheting for a year now but I’m still very, very new to knitting and I have found some beautiful knit patterns that I would love doing. Some are paid patterns and some are free. I’m looking for someone to make the items, cardigans, matinee jackets, toys. I will send you the patterns that you can then keep. Can you please show me your work and tell me how much you would charge please :blush:


I am a knitter. I knit all kinds of things :slight_smile:

I specialize in toys and 3D knit animals, so baby items are a breeze.


Your work is beautiful. Can you tell me what your prices would be please? I will provide the wool and pattern and stuffing for toys.


If you provide everything, $20-50 depending on the complexity of the pattern? I have never been offered all of the materials before :slight_smile:


Thank you! I made a couple of the babies in only 9 months :yum:


Gasp Oh my, @Peachtree, your work is gorgeous!!! Everything is beautiful, but I sure do love that yellow dress set. The squid is awesome too! :smile:


Wow!!! Beautiful–Love love love !!! That squid is so AMAZING!!!


You have so many talents!


You are an amazing knitter! I am in love with your octopus! Was just at the aquarium yesterday and did not want to leave the octopus she was out and gorgeous, your colors are spot on!


Your work is fabulous! I have been crocheting for most of my life, but knitting is something I have worked with off and on for a few years. I do know the stitches and such, but to actually put something together, I have never succeeded in doing. I think one problem I have is that I do not know how to correct mistakes. In crochet it is so simple to frog and redo, but when I have to take the work off the knitting needles, I am in trouble! I know I will eventually succeed if I keep at it. Anyway, I think your prices are good, too, considering all the work you put into them.


That is the Lizzy dress, I do believe. It is a quick knit and can be done in any color :slight_smile:


That octopus is AWESOME and weird, I love it!!


Thank you, unfortunately the higher end price per item is just too high for me, especially with me supplying all wool ect. I have actually managed to find one of the cardigan patterns I love on Etsy as a finished set for under £15. I will be buying it as that is such a great price. Your work is stunning though so thank you :blush: