Knit items


Hello! My neighbor is very talented and can knit nice little baby things. Any of you who would have an interest in items like this?


Oh my. Those are beautiful!!! But they look expensive!! Lol

For a keeper I would buy, but I’m not sure I’d be able to afford them for the dolls that I sell.


Those are beautiful and I agree they would only be used for my keepers and photoshoots.


How much is she charging?




Not sure,lol thats why I wanted to see what price people would be willing to pay or what was reasonable


Beautiful, if she can keep her price ‘reasonable’ she will sell a lot of them!!


Are you sure that is knit? I looks just like a pattern I have, but mine is crochet. I do know they sometimes make them for both crochet and knit. They are gorgeous!


So cute and dainty looking. Love them.


I have that pattern, too. Mine are crocheted.


Wow how lovely!


Those are very nice, I wish I was that talented!!