Kizzie, a free elf


I had a difficult time getting her true coloring in the pics. I tried both inside and outside. None of them turned out the greatest but it was fun photographing her outside.


Oh, she is my favorite out of three Manor Elves. Why is she ‘free’? **Edit: Oh, I think I got it. She’s got clothes! This is why she is free!

I couldn’t resist and started to paint my third one for myself, but since now I got Twinkle to keep I probably will post her for sale. And if she sells I’ll pant another one for myself :rofl:. Somehow I still didn’t get tired of her and to me she is harder to paint than regular reborn.


You all are killing me with all this elf cuteness especially in just their diapers, how adorable


@Reefbubbles Time for you own :rofl:


She’s adorable. I’m thinking of reborning one for myself. Which eyes did you use?


So cute! Love that little pudge belly!


Ah, so cute!
I am thinking of buying the kit myself. I was planning on keeping her like a house elf, but making her a free elf in clothes is just so cute too!


Eeeeekk…i absolutely love her!!! Those big eyes of hers are just too cute!!! :heart:


Thank you Yelena, Taunya, Shannon, Rachel, Sanne, and Melanie. Shannon, they are glass half round 24 mm that I got from Irressistables at the Kansas show.