Kits for Sale UPDATED 1/15/18


Vivien Wosnjuk $50
Marley Timmerman $50
Nancy STOETE $75 with torso $95 PENDING
Clara Eva Brilli $70 PENDING
Ilvie S Altenkirch $60
Cormac Phil Donnelly $70
Jaron Ina Volprich $45
Kristan Phil Donnelly $70
Katja Heike Kolpin $30
Sebilla Bos Cupido $45
Aspen Rose Fagan $45
Eva Jannie Delange has body -toddler-$125
More coming…
Shipping per zip code… no holds and prices pretty firm unless get multiple kits. Smoke-free.






I bet the Aspen Rose I am watching on Ebay is yours?


Do you have the Aster kit? I can’t remember who makes it now. I’m drawing a blank :joy:


Aster is Toby Morgan


Yes that’s the sculptor :blush: I just drew a blank lol thank you! Guess I could of googles it also


You are welcome !!! We all get that way sometimes; There are so many reborns and sculptors., it’s often hard to keep up.


Do you have Linus Legler?


No Linus for sale :slight_smile:


No Aster sorry… :slight_smile:


Someone on FB backed out of sale of 7 kits- so here we go again- all updated.


Starling by A.K by chance?


No :slight_smile: sorry