Kits - Final update! Many new kits!

Ok y’all… I think this is it, the end of my kit stash cleanout :sweat_smile:
If any of you have already messaged me, I will be working to get back to everyone today.


Realborn June awake seconds $50
Joseph 3 month Asleep wip: Started with GHSP and linseed oil could be continued or stripped : $25
Owen awake painted kit : $45

Owen really just needs to be sealed and hair added. I just don’t do heat set anymore so I can’t seal him

Other kits:
Ethon by Cassie Brace $225
Toby by Phil Donnelly $175
Tink First Edition $95
Realborn June awake with COA $75

Let me know if there are any kits you are looking for! I am looking to clear out.

Pm me your paypal and zip and I will send an invoice. Prices don’t include shipping :slight_smile:




Dominic and Skya awake or asleep?

Ooops, sorry they are asleep! I fixed the post, thank you.


Will take Dominic! Sending a PM

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Pm you

Do you have Realborn Quinn, Brooklyn, Jade, Charles or Darren awake?

Sorry I don’t have any of those

Do you have Kyrie asleep?

I’ll take jennie!

Sorry I don’t have her.

@Reborndaddyog Great! Send me your PayPal and I’ll send an invoice :slight_smile:

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Thank you

Prices reduced and heads added

Are the Dominic and Johanna heads still available?

Yes they are! I will send an invoice soon :slight_smile:

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Can I please have the Owen head?

Yes, send me your paypal for an invoice :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t realize that it was Owen awake. Do you have any head only asleep?

Sorry, no. These are all I have.


How much to ship a newborn Joseph to 15650?