Kits and bits for sale or trade

I have the following I will not use: The prices include shipping in the US, or if you want a trade, don’t be shy. I may be from Greece, but I always contribute to the shipping or you can propose light stuff, like mohair, eyes, etc.

Berenguer Daddy’s girl with 1/4 limbs and cloth sturdy body from DollsbySandie. Nothing has been done to her except replacing her eyes with NB dark grey (real eyes). $25 or trade RESERVED
BB Eden - Too big for me, would take $30 for her shipped or trade her for a smaller kit. TRADED TY!!! Shelton baby CC - peachy vinyl 1/4 limbs, perfect for a beginner makes a cute 20" baby, I have replaced his eyes with more natural ones (had yellowish green lizard like that gave me the creeps) make an offer or a trade. Wouldn’t know what to ask for him. (scroll down to see him)
Alisha from Dolldreams, untouched. Makes a very cute 20" baby. $35 shipped or trade. She came with no body. SOLD
Pet-smoke free home, will ship immediately.
Thank you!

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Anyone want Eden?