Kit suggestions needed for custom order

Hey Y’all, Can any of you ladies help me find a kit that looks like this adorable baby?

no, that is the only one.

she said newborn, but that is not a newborn. just guessing any baby up to 22"-23" would probably work.

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any kit. actually, i haven’t seen a BB kit that is anywhere close.

Did you reborn the one in the pic you posted? It’s beautiful.

I think Maya by Reva Schick.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I’m liking Noah awake. But I also like Maya and Sabrina Schick, and I’m even seeing a little Luca Knoops. Possibly Krista Murray. :confused:

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That hair’s going to be a challenge whichever kit you choose.

LOL! I feel your pain! :wink: