Kit match ? πŸ’•


Can anyone recommend a kit that looks like this? :two_hearts:




Phenix arcello?Phoenix-by-Andrea-Arcello_320x320



Great match!


Thank you! I cant get over how much the mouths look alike!


Here is a different pic of Rocky, I agree with @jlesser


Phoenix for sure.


I think Phoenix is a much cuter kit over all myself.


Phoenix is a great match!!


I like that Rocky has a double chin and the shape of his eyes seem better.


What about Jewls by Sandy Faber image


Here’s a list of a few I pulled up on McPhersons I’m currently walking out the door or else I’d post photos,
I tried to pay attention to the nose, mouth and eyes hope it helps!
Mical by Bonnie sieben
Jewls by Sandy faber
Greta by Andrea arcello
Benno by Linde scherer
Jaili by Adrie stoete
Pilar by adrie stoete