Kit match my BIL We decided!


I am going to attempt a portrait baby for my MIL. Joey died in his thirties after a car accident. He was her baby. Here are a couple of pics. I should have more this afternoon.
Notice he has thin lips and fat “jowls” (as we say in the south)




What do you think of Kenai?



Perfect match @jlesser


How about Crystal and tone down the lip line.


What about Maik by Natalie Blick?


I was looking at Maik, Saskia and Crystal. I think Crystal is a perfect match other than that full bottom lip. Kenai might work. Liam would be a good match of the pic where Joey is holding a bear. But Liam wont be shipping for a while. The first photo (in overalls with hand up) under Jenni’s comment reminds me of a kit but I can’t figure out who.

Edited: Liam (proto edition) is in stock at MacP’s but he is too big :frowning: My MIL has trouble with her arms and shoulders so I need this to be a smaller baby.
Also was just looking and wonder what y’all think about Kimber. She looks a lot like Crystal and has thinner lips.


What about Esmae?



Sabrina Rose






I was going to say Maik or Esmae


He’s not out yet, but I immediately thought of Li by Priscilla Lopes Lopez:


everyone in the family thought Samantha was the best match.

Nose and mouth are a perfect match. I will have to highlight to make the head appear longer or less wide.


Samantha’s a really good match.