Kit Match, Help Please?

Can anyone please help me in finding a kit that looks similar to this baby, please? So far, the only one I could think of thats chubby and has a similar, though not super similar, eye shape would be Fei Yen, but I’d like to know if anyone can think of one closer to him? I’m not looking for just a bountiful baby kit, any kit ideas are more than welcome. Please and thank you so much in advance ^.^


Here’s a few to check out. My #1 is Saskia by Adrie Stoete. Reine by Ping Lau. Margot by Cassie Brace. Robin Awake by Nikki Johnston. Kylin by Laura Tuzio Ross. Harlow by Sandy Faber. Candice by Sandy Faber. Adeline by Ping Lau. I’m sure other people will have more ideas.


Asia by Cassie Brace is who I see!


That’s a good one, too.

Thank you both so much ^.^ I really appreciate it, i thought a Cassie brace or a ping lau kit might be a good fit but I couldn’t put my finger on which ones, I really appreciate all the suggestions and couldn’t thank you enough. This is going to be a gift for my boyfriends mom since ever since she found out I reborn she’s been wanting to purchase a custom portrait baby of my boyfriend so I really can’t wait to compare all the kits and do this for her birthday before his parents move out of state haha thank you both so so much again and I hope you both have a wonderful weekend. c: