Kit please


Any suggestions



I had these saved on my phone so someone will ahve to help with kit names!


Thank you!! I’m trying so hard to learn the names of the different kits.


I believe that is Maizie by Andrea Arcello. Super hard to find!! Best of luck, she’s a great match!


Yes I just saw she was sold out. :pensive:That’s who I looked for first


I was thinking the first one was great, but then I saw number 2 and I think it is the best. For what it is worth. I’m really not good at matching. I have to get help for my own babies! :slight_smile:


Which kit is this one


That baby is a perfect match!


How about Li by Priscilla Lopes?


No I actually have that kit here, but it’s not quite a match. We were hoping for maizie, but I think she has settled on the one above. I just gotta find out the name of it lol


I think that is still Maizie.


@dinokc I think. @micholc is right- maizie


REALLY?! :astonished: she is very versatile. LOL, I thought it was a different kit. Oh my, well back to the drawing board, bc I couldn’t find her anywhere :grin: