Kit match for newborn/baby me!?


I want to make my mom a reborn of me, one day! Can be any size kit.


Jaylan by Laura Tuzio Ross for last picture. It’s currently a pre-order kit. You were really cute.


You shouldn’t have any problem finding a match (personally I’m NO good at it). You were a real cutie----and that hair—Gorgeous!!


Look at Laura Tuzio Ross kits.


I could see that! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you!


That hair, so cute :slight_smile:


Here’s another one I just found


What an awesome thing to to. I am horrible at matching but you almost look like BB Shyann, of course I would use different limbs. What do you think?

shyan unireb


You were a really cute baby!


This one reminds me of BB’s Gena (but not sure if it is the older version of the kit or the updated one that looks closer)


This ones mouth and nose…


Ah yes, Gena is actually one of my favorite kits


I used your photo for resemblance but maybe Khloe Marie by Marita Winters? Cute baby photos!


The bottom right picture in this group looks like BB Caleb but he’s teeny.


I see it, thanks!


Jenni and Izzy are so good at this.


I see Johannah.