Kit match for my Baby Logan? **added more pics*** =)

Hi everyone! This is my youngest son Logan when he was a day old. Please help me find a kit match.

I was leaning towards Nod but he is SO small, and my baby Logan was over 9lbs and he was 21 1/2 inches. The measurement don’t have to be perfect of course, but Nod is really small and I have made like 5 Nods so I am looking for any other suggestions. Someone suggested:

What about these:

Lilah Sheila Micheals

Ylvie by Sabine Altenkirch

Beth Doll Kit by Cathy Rowland

Thank you =) If you think I should add more pictures of my baby I will if it helps.

I like bb kits so if you cna suggest a bb kit that would be best

Thank you Katy I am going to take a look at him

I’m thinking Tabatha by Pat Moulton…

I was thinking Precious gift as well. Your baby is so adorable! They grow up way to fast!

Thank you so very much. I am leaning towards Precious Gift as well. I have always loved Precious Gift and have been wanting one and now I think I know why

Wow your Kyle is beautiful. I see features in some and in others. I will just have to decide which is most prominent. I think i have enough to be able to choose. Thank you all so much

My first thought was Gena. The one that I think really captures him is Nod, but you’ve already said you really didn’t want to do that one.

I posted more pics! I see a fabulous opporutnity to try painting hair in the new first pic! (never tried before)


Maggie, I thought the same thing about the picture of him on his tummy. It is amazing the likeness.

So you think more cozy

I’ve been thinking Cozy too - (and you have a beautiful little boy!)

Thank you so much

Might ASTRID by Sandra Maxwell (DD) be a consideration?


Thank you Judy I will go see!