Kit for sale :need stripping. SOLD

All sold, thank you !

I have those kits I have made long time ago. They need to be stripped, they are painted with airdry…so some work to do !
I am in Canada, shipping should be around 13-16$, I will calculate base on your location and if you want tracking or not.
Make me an offer !

Realborn Joseph asleep newborn with COA

Realborn Summer Rain with COA (it’s written on it but I guess you can use liquid paper)
Head partially stripped, still some hair to remove

Shyann ethnic vinyl SOLD
Paint is nice beside a spot on the cheek and indent on leg from storage. I just didn’t sold her and don’t know what else to do.

Paint is nice, no defects, I am just not happy with the hair and eyebrows. Can be great for a kid or donation.
25$ or offer

Dominic limbs GONE !
Free, just pay shipping (probably around 10$)

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I would like the Dominic limbs please. 29472 is my zip code in the US…i don’t mind if the shipping costs more.

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I want Joseph please. How much would he be to 79064?

Sure ! I will calculate the shipping and tell you, I will come back to you in an hour.

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How much is Shyann?

Make me an offer :slightly_smiling_face: