Kit For Sale ( Lovelyn, started )

I have a Lovelyn kit which I began working on a few months ago. I went to work on her again today and I’m just not feeling it. She hasn’t been sealed at all so removing her few layers of paint wouldn’t be a big deal, or you can just work with what I’ve done but I wouldn’t recommend it lol.

I did open the eyes in the back but being a beginner with open eyed babies I’m not sure I did it right (eyes can be placed, I had them in to check). She comes with a certificate but no body.

If you’re interested I can send along some eyes too, the same pair seen in this picture. I think this kit could make a lovely baby, I just can’t see it happening with me behind the wheel.
I’m asking for 70 + shipping without eyes, and
90 + Shipping with eyes. I’m also open to other offers so just let me know if you’re interested!