Kit clean out. Added new ones *updated list*


Clearing out some of my kits that I haven’t had a chance to get to this past year. I have preorders coming up so I would like to make some room. I will be shipping in flat rate boxes. Medium boxes can fit up to 2 newborn sized kits for $13.65. If purchasing more kit then that, I can calculate a price either in large flat rate or parcel post. PayPal only. F&F unless you are not comfortable and would like to pay G&S but I do ask that you pay the fee. I have good feedback on here and have been a member for many years. :wink: Any questions, please ask. I am open to offer but no trades at this time. Bodies are not included but I may have ones that fit for an additional charge. If you need a body, let me know and I will see if I have any that will fit. For BB kits, I’m not sure what quality they are off hand. If it matters to you, please let me know and I will check.

Naomi by Denise Pratt 618/640 $50
Yona By Christa Gotzen $65
Frederike by Iris Klement 7/333 $75
Vincent by Laura Tuzio-Ross 151/2000 $80
Summer Rain w/ COA $50
Reese Asleep 2nds $35
Dimples by Melissa Palesse 161/500 $40
BB Easton $25
BB Samantha $25
BB Isaac $25
BB Scarlett $25
BB Frankie $25
BB Lulu $30








Which one would you like to see?


Is Noa still available?




Can you post a pic of the Noa please? Thanks.



This has nothing to do with the kits, but you have beautiful handwriting!


Thank you!


Thanks so much for posting photos.


You are welcome


If you are interested in anything, shoot me some offers. I have an unexpected dentist bill I am going to have to pay on Monday. UGH!


Do you have the body for Easton


No sorry I dont.


Do you ship to Canada?


I can yes. If you let me know which kit and where you are, I can get you a quote. :blush:


Okay will pm you


Hi do you still have the scarlett kit by BB?