Kit Buyers Beware


the Chinese thieves have copied 2 more toddler kits, made with who knows what… they are German kits so will be much smaller than the real ones, and mismatched limbs on Leontyne , too :frowning: on ebay now
Suzanne Stoete

Leontyne by Danielle Zweers (the real kit is 31")


If I were the artist who sculpted these, I would sue the crap out of them.

Sculpting takes an awful long time, and knowing that someone stole my vision I would be super mad. WHY don’t they do their own stuff? Why do they always have to steal others peoples visions? This sucks!

Has anyone tried to report these thieves on eBay?


I’ve seen Leontyne on there before, Susanne is definitely new though. Ugh.
Have you reported this to the artists?


Yes I have told Adrie, I don’t know Danielle Zweers, Sadly people are buying them, supporting thieves. If they stopped buying them, it would end it… if you are on FB we have a great group, exposing the scammers and people who support them… includes many of our wonderful sculpters, in the group . please join


I don’t have Facebook, but I do downright refuse to buy any of the kits. If I buy a kit of off someone that I know could be stolen I either need proof that it isn’t or I won’t buy.
I also inform people around me about it. Even friends that are not into reborns or even dolls in general know not to buy ‘reborns’ from China. :sweat_smile:


What a shame! With the increased interest in this art form, people have found a way to scam. I would buy only from reputable retailers just to be sure the real artist receives the profit.


Sad thing is it must be hard to sue some of these Chinese factories. There is a rip off of just about everything, such as name brand clothing, iPhones, and more.

But what can help is reporting to ebay though, especially retailers and the actual artist, and whoever helps makes that sculpt cometo life.

Besides that it’s hard to stop rip offs…someone needs to know how much the real one is going for at MSRP and if the price is too good to be true, especially if the seller has thousands of feedback and maybe with hardly a description or name to it, then it’s likely a rip off.

I can see them trying to go as far though as ripping off very in demand long sold out kits, due to a big demand.


Ebay shuts them down when reported…but they just open under a new name. And we can’t do anything to them because they don’t have Intellectual Property laws there. But…I think I see less of them on ebay lately. I think not buying them is the best way to combat them. I think they aren’t selling so well anymore. ANOTHER ALERT. They now have people dealing for them in the US. I’ve seen the same ads…using the term silicone vinyl, stealing the same pictures, etc…with a US shipping address. What sneaks.


Why are Suzanne’s arms lopsided?


Also, I don’t believe the baby’s feet with the shoes are the same ones they show for the kit they are selling. ALSO, if it comes from China or someplace like that, then we know what it is. They also ship in a padded like envelope. NO one who is reputable would ship that way! If BB sent stuff like that we’d all freak! :slight_smile:


they stolen knock-off Suzanne has the same limbs as the real Suzanne, only all will be smaller, because of the copying


they are selling some of their junk clothing like that too… with USA addresses :frowning: I have reported so many of the knock offs to ebay, and they could not care less… really sad what ebay has become :frowning:


You can say that about Amazon too. And target and walmart. They sell Chinese knockoffs on their sites too through the marketplace.


I hate it that China does not respect copyright laws. There are thousands of amazing artists in China, why can’t they just find someone to sculpt a new baby? Seriously they could make more money that way. Why is it being mfg, in Germany?


China steals everything. If you get a model made in China or manufacturer your products in China, they have the info they need to make copies.


you bet! USA is drowning in Chinese made junk, but the knock offs are a whole diff problem…


yes, BUT they are coping all our German kits too


They steal products on Amazon too. If you make something new and popular they will copy it and sell it cheaper than you, driving you out of business.

I think they make copies of popular kits and watch to see what’s popular. Often the same companies stealing dolls, have knockoffs of other stuff too. I hate seeing knockoffs of my Victoria. The copies are ugly and look weird.


They even steal WHOLE VILLAGES!

It’s madness!

On another note, does anyone know where else you can produce kits? I would never produce in China.


And that was like 6 YEARS ago @Amethyst!! Just imagine what they may have moved on to now days…