Kinby dolls

Somone said that bountiful baby is selling play dolls under the kinby name. Is this true? If so then the web site I seen is fraudulent. It states the dolls are 3d scans of real babies. Problem is they have 2 different babies pictured but the exact same doll for both. None of the dolls look like the babies that they are supposed to be scanned from. Not sure if someone else is doing it or not.

There were some Kinby dolls at the ROSE show. They are play dolls and not scans of real babies as far as I know but I could be wrong. I just saw the video of someone saying the Kinby dolls are scans of real babies. Maybe they’re manufactured dolls made from scans of real babies? They kind of look like the pictures but they certainly don’t look like the Realborn dolls that are actual scans of real babies. They look like the play dolls that they are but the site does say they’re scans of real babies. They’re not reborns, either. They’re factory dolls so I just don’t know.

My son bought a Kinby doll at the ROSE show this summer . There are scans of a real baby , but the folks are all manufactured . He got the show vibe and everyone had a baby so he chosen Nathan . We had exchanged a few words with the real babies father at the baby shower . The little boy now is 5 years old . My son at the show pushed him around for two days and sitting in his box since .
It is cute and child friendly. They offer really cute accessories to buy separately . As I can remember the pacifier come with him


Thanks for clarifying.This one reminds me of Eloisa by Andrea Arcello.

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How much was the doll at the rose show?


I’ve never seen those before. They look very cute!

Thanks your post tells it all.

I didn’t even know these existed, it will be nice to have this to share with customers who are looking for something affordable, safe and realistic for their little ones to play with.

He is cute!