Kimi's here!

I’m so excited…already ordered one! Unfortunately I just had rotator cuff surgery last week so it will be awhile before I can get to her but I am excited none-the-less!

YAY!!! I placed my order about 30 seconds ago and raced over here to shout it from the rooftops but you beat me to it!

I have nerve damage in my arm that I am dealing with, so I have no idea when I will get her done, but hey…AT LEAST WE’LL HAVE HER IN OUR STASH!!!

Wishing you a speedy recovery, sweetie!



And here I am trying so hard to resist! I have enough kits to make for a long while but man, BB is trying to suck me in every time I turn around! So far I’ve convinced myself if I don’t look at her page, I’ll be able to resist and it’s working! It’s only been 5 minutes but so far, I have resisted!!!