Kimi Prototype! … 27cf2804d9

Thank you for sharing-- she stunning!!!

I am DYING (well, not really ) to get my hands on this kit! I love the first prototype with the painted hair. It is supposed to be here at the end of January…well it is now the end of January and I check the website all day hoping to find it but it is still Out of Stock. So hard to wait!!

I want her! Shes too cute

She is gorgeous!! : )

And…she is still not here.

I’m glad to see that I am not the only one who is obsessed with Kimi!

So pretty!

I want the outfit that Kimi is wearing! I may have a few basics in crocheting but haven’t tried a sweater or diaper covers…yet. I just love seeing the babies in crocheted outfits though!

Deanna, your prototype is stunning. I brought up the gallery photo on my phone and showed my mom. She said—now that’s a real one, right? I said no. She kept looking at it then gave me my phone back. A few minutes later she said–Let me see that again!!!

Wow Deanna’s Prototype of Kimi is OUTSTANDING

— Begin quote from “Kay’s Lil Keepers”

Beautiful work as usual Deanna.

— End quote

Are you back to reborning…or could you just not stay away from us???