Kim Sigrid Bock Thoughts

I get the impression the bigger babies get less attention due to size and being less cuddly. I prefer them because of more role play opportunities with them.

I have one of these preordered through an artist that will make her into a boy with a lot of curly, thick, long hair and biracial. I can’t wait! Tempted to almost get a second to make similar to the prototype with tweaks as a girl. I probably would had hopped right on that prototype but I never seen her on eBay or anywhere, like the other prototypes.

What are your thoughts about this kit? Love it? Don’t like it?


How big is she? I like the bigger babies but only if the faces match the size. Like a toddler face on a 22 inch baby is not something I like or will buy.

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31 inches. A big toddler. The artist is placing an amature in her for better posing and sitting up without propping up.


Okay, then yes, she’s perfect! I’m on a reborning break for who knows how long, but she’s lovely

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Yes lol. I am and need to go on one too after this one and Trouble. I have to preorder Stanley Oliver though…and just keep the kit.

It’s hard to stay off Instagram and other reborn related sites. I need to see the dolls and appreciate instead of buy. I learned I bond the most with my customs and trying to swear off premade or preloved.

When I get back from vacation, I’m selling all I’m not bonded to.


I get it! I check every day too but I can’t buy. I have something a lot more important to save for, so no more dolls for me. And I’ve lost the desire to reborn so that’s helping but it makes me just want to hoard kits lol

She’s lovely. That prototype is beautiful!

I think she is very beautiful, I love her expression

I’ve never made a toddler. Sounds like more than what I want to deal with, LOL.

I love this sculpt, and am on the fence about her. Will her limbs fit in a suave oven?

I love love love this sculpt! I just don’t know if she would fit in my nuwave

I love her too and have trying not to buy any kits until I sell some, but not doing a very good job of that, lol

I have always wondered what oven to people use to fit these toddler kits. It feels with my nuwave, the newborn parts barely fit in lengthwise without touching the walls, especially the legs.


Yes, I don’t see how people can patiently paint and really root a toddler, especially heavily.

I have worked with this artist before on a female Liam that is very heavily rooted and thank God for her lol. Don’t know how she does it.

I know there’s people that use air dry on toddlers. But I think some just keep stacking extender rings? I’ve seen pictures where they’ve got like three of them on there to fit toddler limbs.

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I don’t care for this kit , she looks mean to me LOL. not enough detail on the limbs either, JMO

@913gigi44 I love her! Darn it I am trying to slow down on buying kits but I am going to mark her as a Must Have on my computer I don’t whether to thank you :slightly_smiling_face: or thank you.:frowning: LOL


Lol no problem! I told myself that too but I saw her and wanted her so bad! I have been looking for a 12 to 18 month old for so long or maybe bigger since I want to role play and shop for babies of all sizes.

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I bake the head and the arms together and the legs on the next bake.

@913gigi44 I am looking forward to painting a child kit to keep when I get just a tad better and save a little money.