Kid Mohair - beautiful but

I bought this very pretty kid mohair off eBay but it smells like an ashtray. This is the first time I’ve have bought kid mohair are usually use Suri alpaca, I contacted the seller and she insists that she does not smoke nor does anyone in her household. She suggested it was my mail man there’s no way it was my mailman because the smell only came from inside the plastic bag with hair. I washed it with conditioner and shampoo but it still smells I left it in the sunlight but it still smells can anyone give me any suggestions or help me out here?

I don’t know much (or anything, really) about what you can and can’t do with that hair, but if it’s safe to do so I would try a baking-soda soak.

Is it smokey or lanolin barn smell? I would do a baking soda soak also… I need mohair and dont know where to get quality stuff since I can never get The Quirky Chromatist mohair!!!

I work in shipping. Some plastics smell like ashtrays! it may have been a cheap bag, its the way the bag is made and melted together that gives it a bad smell.


I never used mohair so I can’t tell it that’s just the smell or if it’s even “quality hair:”

It looks like decent mohair. Try soaking it in vinegar, baking soda and hot water. Gently work it through the hair from top to bottom with your fingers. If that doesn’t work try OxyClean dissolved in hot water. You’ll have to wash and re-condition it.

Have you tried the hair from HairForDollsRU on Etsy? It’s beautiful mohair-soft and shiny. What you see is what you get and it’s very inexpensive. It takes a little while to get it, though, because it’s coming from Russia.

Is it suitable for newborn hair?

It is. I like it a lot.

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Ty I’m going to check it out :blush:

Here is how I handle smoke smells on things like wool felt, mohair, things that can’t be washed. I put a bowl of charcoal in a Rubbermaid tote. Lay the mohair on a cookie cooling rack or anything that will allow airflow on all sides. You don’t wNt it touching the charcoal. Just above it is fine. So you may need to use cups to hold up your cooling rack. Leave it 5-7 days then open and see where you are at smell wise. This also works for vehicles, refrigerators.

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