Kendal's eyes

Has anyone reborned Kendal and if so what size eye did you use? It calls for 24mm. I have eyes here that fit (they are cornflower), but I am unsure of the size but I would like to get either a dark brown or a hazel instead. I have a feeling these are 26mm but don’t want to order that size if they will be too big OR if they ARE 24 then that is the size I would need. Does any of this make sense???

Thank you if you can help.


Here is a pic of 24 mm eyes in Kendal- BB’s green

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She’s very cute, Kristi.


Thank you- - I really like their baby green- not sure at first, but I think they look pretty natural- and flatter her face

If you have a tape measure that has metric on one side, you can put the eye down on the tape and measure it, counting each mark as 1 mm.

I measured it and it was 1". I went on line and found the conversion chart so 1" = 25.4 mm. So I guess I can use a 26mm eye.


You’re right, Debi -----------------I think only Secrist has the 26mm eyes. In fact I think that is where I got these - and they fit fine, but I just don’t like the color - - they might be a china blue or a cornflower.