Keepers - Post Your Own


He’s really cute!!


All mine are keepers so far. Lol


They are so cute, who is the one with the eyes open in the middle with the red hair?


Gabriel :two_hearts:


OK, I have new respect for Gabriel, he is nice!


Wow that looks a lot like my nursery extremely full lol they are all adorable .


They are beautiful! :heart: Is that Clyde awake next to Gabriel? Love all that hair!! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :two_hearts: I can’t part with them once they’re made and I’m not sure they would sell either.


Yep! :two_hearts:


He’s one of my favorites!


I think your babies are precious and would sell for sure.


Lovely dolls! Your Granddaughter is a very lucky girl :blush: I know you crochet some of the clothing…did you make the darling outfit on the one in the last picture~ she’s in white with blue ribbons~ and what doll is she? Just Love her sweet little face!


Awe. Thank you! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Your doggy is sneaking in to get one of those babies, lol!


You really do a beautiful job…Mary Jane is right…you could sell them…I know what you mean tho…I am also a collector…I dunno, if I"ll ever part with any of mine LOL!


It took me awhile to see the dog! Lol. Blends right in. :slight_smile:


She was so jealous. :roll_eyes:


Thank you! I’m not quite confident enough in my work yet…trying to reach Silvia level. lol


Awe. He’s cute!


No, I bought that one. It’s my ambition to crochet some beautiful dresses, but so far top for little fairies are as much as I dared to try.
Marina, wearing the crochet dress is my attempt at “china doll look” reborn, she has only very subtle details, which the camera does not pick up very well.