Keepers - Post Your Own


It is kinda sad you don’t see much of them lol


I have a few babies in the nursery, but only one that is a keeper at this point. I painted Harper Arcello and he ended up being a portrait baby of my brother (passed away in 1972).


So sorry for your loss! Such a beautiful doll. :blue_heart:


Love that little man I wouldn’t be able to let that one leave either .




I was just given a crib Yeah ! it sleeps 12 this size :smile:


My Vince made by a fellow artist and I love him soooooo!


Wanted to update since I did complete my first doll yesterday and plan on keeping for certain! Here is both girls. Lexi Belle and Willow Maple.


Hope and Lillesol. Two more added to my keepers. :heart:


Here is one of mine, Tibby now Autumn and re-dresed and weighted

Sorry, my lighting is crappy


OK, here we go
Anastasia (Krista) in the back, Mbeki and Charlotte (Lisa by Linde Scherer)

From the right Marina (Sydney by Marita Winters), Beatrice (Kylin by LTR), Kathrine (from Toys R’us), Francesca, and Annie

From left a playdoll with Tamerai (Indian baby), Hermione (Chloe by Linda Murray) and Colette (practice kit)

Amity and Zulu Lulu

Rosebud&Bluebell, fairies by Marita Winters

Beatrice & Marina


And we also have 6 Skeeter Fairies, and not quite finished Noa and Mathis (by Gurdun Legler) and I forgot to take photo of Antoinette (Lilian Legler). And not counting some dolls that went home with my granddaughter.



Back for another look at Joseph. Have to tell you, I will never look at Tibby the same way again. :rofl:


Dang if I don’t have another one I just love :smile: having sooo much fun playing dress up with her lol gotta share .
PS. Sun came back much better pics


I have two keepers,one I am snail rooting her hair and the second is my N

eveah kit, Esmee.


Thank you, I really need to finish the wise men before Xmas


Are those Emmy limbs? What sizes does she wear? Would 2T/3T pull-ups fit? I’m trying to come up with every excuse not to get her but its not working very good… LOL! :slight_smile:


They sure are that’s why I named her Inara Emmaline :smile: training pants I dont know because I wanted pretty underpants and she is wearing 2T underpants .
The under shirt is the same 2T and dresses she has modeled have been 12 month to 18 month depending on the cut the shorts set was a size 24 months .
The short set of all of them was best fit because it was big enough to be easy on and off just a little large but not enough to matter .
Oh yes the shoes she is wearing is a size five and as in any child you have to force her to put them on she sticks her toe up lol


Thanks!! :slight_smile: I will probably wait since I have a b-day coming up and will be a present for myself. I will be starting a new job soon so I will have more money to buy more kits with :joy:


Only one I have kept - I’m not a collector but haven’t been able to let Easton go for some reason: