Keepers - Post Your Own


A bunch, I keep a good stock on them. haha


your Joseph is amazing!!! that beard is perfect <3


Thank you hew was fun, he even has hair legs. haha


Now we need to see his legs!


Oh wow, amazing! Very creative!
I also wanna see those legs now, haha.


Here They Are


Here’s his legs


Oh my goodness that is so cool!


Haha, brilliant!


Ok,you win the award for most creative reborn.Bravo !


Sometimes I jus have to go there. lol


Oh I love this. Such a brilliant display for Children’s Church. Beautiful work!


I have quite a few that I have gotten from swaps but I only have one keeper (that I painted.). And this is the only phot on my phone.

I have Tink in my stash and plan on keeping her.


Funny you say that, I do stained glass my first art of choice and have always wanted to so a beautiful window for a church. So why not enjoy these little scene I still need to make the wise men.


That is so cool.


@GrammysReborns that has to be a fun work in progress, can’t wait to see what you do with the wise men.


Oh wow! I love that. Using your gift for the Lord. You just made my heart smile. Please do share the day you are done making them. :heart:

God bless your business and you


Charles and Twin A two more of my keepers!


I just have to tell you that you nailed those legs. Looks just like a man’s hairy legs. Lol


I will definitely share. Thank you