Keepers - Post Your Own


He is gorgeous!


Which kit is this?


and this guy I think is going to end up being a keeper because I can’t seem to get rid of him. Every time someone asks if I have any babies for sale, I do not show him so I’m thinking that deep down I am wanting to keep this one.


Wow this one is beautiful! Is this Raphael?


A new keeper to add to my hoard of babies he is spitting image of one of our boys sooo he stays lol .


One of several!!


There is NO way that is a doll?!!?! Beautiful!!


I’m keeping this one…LOL! …Mostly because she’s the only one I’ve completed so far! :rofl:


I love your Chanelle…what a beautiful job!..and that hair! oh ma gosh! :kissing_closed_eyes: ( what size does this toddler wear?) :thinking:


That hair is beautiful.


thank you so much, ladies… Chanelle is on a body I designed, makes him about 30" with the Arianna Schick legs, and wears a straight 18 mo, and 12-18 mo depending on the designer


Thank you @ludmila xx
@Estelle85 He’s Raphael by Sheila Mrofka :slight_smile:
Thank you @jennyk , He is!! I now love the kit!


I LOVE this baby!! So gorgeous, is she realborn brittany?


He"s really done so well, and soooooo cute! :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much!!! Yes, this is Brittany…she’s my first attempt and my realization that this is truly an addiction!:laughing:


I thought about this kit so many times and if I had seen your version I would definitely have bought one! I love your version.


Amazing first attempt!! Keep at it, you’re going to go far! Especially if shes your first attempt.
and thank you :slight_smile: xx


She comes up on sale every once in a while… you should do her as well :blush:


Oh gosh, Thanks so much @kristenj and @jennyk ! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Aw thank you!! I was on the fence about it too but i was at a doll show and impulse bought him haha, then hated the kit until i was almost done painting him haha.