Keepers - Post Your Own


I think he’s adorable!!


I have 3 I made and kept, then later down the road sell at a reduced price and keep others LOL


One of my keepers! I love her little face!


I adore your toddlers! Who is the handsome little boy in the highchair? I don’t remember seeing his kit around unless I’ve missed it somehow.


thank you!:kissing_heart: He is by the Chanelle kit, by Jannie de Lange


Two of my keepers. This one is my all time favorite that I’ve done. She is the Bibo sculpt by Luciana Miglioranzi.

My micro preemie Treasure


These are my keepers and adding to my nursery soon! Sunny is in the works. Hope is currently in the baby hospital but will be on the mend soon! ! Sadie and Huggable will be finished soon.



I have Keiko and Vince right now! image


The ones I’ve painted and kept for myself - Miles, Riley x 2, Kinsey, Pennyise x 2 (Juan and 10’ Emma), Saskia and Barnabe. That is 8 with more to come, lol. I rotate my babies so there are no more than 4 sitting out at a time.
Also my new found 1964 AA Vogue Baby Doll once she gets all of her clothes etc I will post a pic of her.

*Forgot about my mini silicone = 9 And Grinchy Paige = 10

Here are the babies I have gotten from other Forum members
Easter Swap 2017 From @mcurbelo


Baby Sadie!


This my keeper. I have a lot of babies that I need to do but this is my only current keeper I’ve done myself. Her name is Ahna Grace


Who is the baby in the high chair? He is gorgeous.


thank you! He is from the Chanelle by Jannie de Lange kit, on a custom body with Arianna legs. Here are a few more of him… I just fell in love with this kit


makes a great girl or boy


The picture of all the toddlers you have playing together is incredibly cute.


I recognize a nancy baby anywhere
.hes gorgeous! :blue_heart:


Thank you Jenn… nice to 'see" you again :slight_smile: xx


Hi Nancy! :slight_smile:This is a great forum to find friends on. I have missed your toddlers.


Everyones babies are so gorgeous!
@NancyW Your toddlers are just BEAUTIFUL!

Heres my Keeper, Leo
When I first started painting him I didnt like the kit, I called him my “Ugly Duckling” but he grew on me so much that hes my only keeper!


Thanks !