Keepers - Post Your Own


Here are 3 of my “keepers.” I have 2 more, at home.
Alba Asleep

^I love her, I think she’s so cute!!!

Franklin by Elisa Marx


Realborn Logan Asleep

Not necessarily my favorite kit but I will say, it does look like a real baby.


I love all of them!:heart_eyes:


They are beautiful! Here is my one and only…for now lol!


I actually have a couple more…my Spencer, but she is the one that had a mark come up on her bald head…I haven’t dealt with that yet.

^I made her.

The other keeper I have is my Eden with different limbs; she’s back home…I made her, also…

So, actually, I have 5. That is PLENTY, LOL!

Oh wait, I got a James reborn that is back home; I haven’t even seen him yet LOL.

So I have 6. :heart_eyes:


@Countrycradlereborns LOL :grinning:


This is Harry my 1st toddler Abigail his sister! Ginger girl 003|666x499Ginger aka Valerie and little Milo .I have no idea why I can’t part with Milo just one of those thingsMilo was a OMG baby you are not a great sculpt and I can’t make you better, I did all I could wrong on this beginner baby. LOL


This is one of my keepers, Everleigh. I have 3 more as well. She stays on my bed and I take her out every so often. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


They’re all beautiful. What do you mean they’re back home? Where have they been??


Here are mine - Ofelila and Luna.



@CindyLouWho I mean they’re back home in KY. I’m in WV right now, with my hubs. He works here.


That spencer is amazing​:blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:


I have 5 keepers now. And 2, maybe 3 more on the way… I’m horrible, I wanna keep them all!

My first was Emma. Could never bring myself to sell her, even if she looks really bad.

Then there’s Lexi. She’s got 1/4 limbs, so she’s really cuddly.

Lexi’s big sister Katie. Still need to glue her wig and fix her lips and eyebrows. Some day…

Itty bitty Max. He doesn’t take up much room, so don’t see the need to sell him. :stuck_out_tongue:

And my latest and current favorite, Elisabeth/Lizzie.


Can’t have too many keepers! :wink:


Here are my babies! My Tasha Edenholm silicone, Levi, Coco, Mumma’s Lil Monkey, Sansa, and my Bean and Sprout twins <3



This is my only keeper at the moment. I still want to add a open eye newborn and a toddler.


Beautiful little fairies! I have a blank Luna and full-sized Ofelia, but I haven’t gotten around to having them painted


This my keeper, for now. Thought about selling her at one time. I have 2 more of the same kit. I could always make me another one. The other one was painted for me. I’m d definitely keeping her.


I have too many keepers to show without being a monopoly :smile: but here are some .


They’re so cute!

I really want an Owen Asleep and maybe a Landon, and I think I’ll be done…:smile:


Thanks! I thought I would be satisfied with the first ones but didn’t happen that way I keep seeing babies I just fall in love with.
PS. working on Owen now and he looks so much like a family member he is not going anywhere lol