Kate Charles AA tutorial question?



I just recently purchased the Kate Charles AA tutorial and I was wondering if anyone else had the same book? If your do I have a question. When I apply the color on the areas ready to shade like in the real pictures, will it end up looking like the shaded areas in the black and white diagrams? Can anyone help me or tell me a link that can help me learn to shade.


Yes, that is correct. The black and white diagram shows more details so you can know where to shade.


She also has a few YouTube videos explaining shading. https://youtu.be/yJa9A7hrO10


Can you share some color mixes I can’t afford the book


Save up and get the book :slight_smile: Its worth it :slight_smile: Doing AA babies is scarey without a tutorial. Carrie with @snuggle2me has a tutorial that you may be able to afford and her babies are beautiful.
Information is already out there also, if you search for it and become diligent.


Yep I agree with @avyona, and I don’t think we can share color combinations even if we wanted to, I have both of @snuggle2me tutorials and they are amazing and so are Kate Charles. Save up they are worth your money


Ok sorry for asking I figured I would get a no but it was worth a try.


They giving you the right advice.What work for others may not work for you.And they dont want your work to mess up…save for the book…And take your time