Kali is almost finished

If you all remember my last melted head baby…this is her. After much work from Kim and myself I got her just about fixed up! It really helped to warm her up then press a large spoon on top of her head to flatten the bump. You can’t see it, but if you run your hand over her head, you can feel a little bump. It actually makes her head really feel like a newborn…
Anyway, I am glad I was able to save her. Still need to finish her up, but she is almost done. hope you like her!

I love this sculpt. You did a great job on her!

Good save! She’s a gorgeous baby!

Oh Lara, she is precious. I’m glad her booboo wasn’t permanent.

How do you do that hair? I am a fan of curly hair, and sparse hair, but you have converted me. If I can’t learn online, I’m going to asking for an in-person class. Of course I think you’re the best reborn teacher.

Don’t you and hubby need a little vacation in a cottage in the South - complete with reborning equipment? I just realized - you may be south of me!

Anyhoo - She looks just lovely - great rescue.

Aww she is beautiful, Lucky she wasn’t ruined.

   Hugs tina

She is a super “saved” baby. Well done, she’s gorgeous…