Got my kadence kit in the mail today? Is it me or does she look a bit smaller then taite? I also thought she had the same limbs as taite but I think they look a little different.

Well I have them both and the limbs are exactly the same -Kadence has a bit fatter head thou-I wish the limbs were different -I love these limbs alot but it would allow mix-n-matching and more variety when doing multiples!!!

Hey DebiC -I just ordered Kaelin too!I really love these too and Stef and I cant wait for things to settle down so we can start them !!!I am almost done with the toddler we are working on then its off to Auntie Stefs for her magic touches and back to me for rooting !!! I have got to make time to process some mohair for these babies!!! Man alive are we busy right now!!!

We well be doing Photo shoots as we finish up these babies and well post as soon as we can !!!