Just when you think you are done

Last night I glued the lashes on my Lulu and went to glue her hair in. I had trouble getting any glue to come out (anyone else have that problem?) and stuck the handle end of a paintbrush down into the bottle and oh wow–glue came exploding out–all over her face, up her nose, in her eyes, in her hair and of course inside her head! I ran to the sink and flooded her face with water and finally got all the outside glue off and turned to dump out the now too diluted glue from the inside. Of course her eyelashes fell off. I reglued the lashes and tried to swab out the inside of the head. After thinking she was pretty dry I put her on waxed paper to drain. At bedtime laid her on the back of her head and today except for a shiny spot above one of the lashes thank heavens she looks okay. Anyone else have a trick to keep the glue from getting hard to get out? I have about 6 different glues and they all do the same thing.

I winced when I read your post. I pictured your poor baby ruined. I’m glad you got it all off. That glue can be stubborn!

I like Modge Podge for that reason…it is in a container and I stick my brush into it and get glue on it then put it inside the head…sorry that happened! What a bummer!

I thought I had modge-podge and couldn’t find it. Probably it will show up now that I have this one done. Either that or lots and lots of small containers.

I find squeezing the E6OOO ( whatever it is ) very hard to get out. I set the head upside down in a bowl then I can use both hand’s and keep the glue right over the neck opening.
I’m so glad you were able to save that baby

Oh, I’m so sorry that happened, but glad you got her fixed up so quick!!

I agree that E6000 is a bear to squeeze out. Did you get it off the face, hair and all? Never say done until it is out the door or in the crib–right?

Yep Jean your so right

Now you’ve got me scared. I’ve only put glue in one head and it was Aleene’s tacky glue. The bottle was over 10 years old, but unopened. I think it could be older and I was afraid it would be awful and didn’t really trust it. I squirted it into a small round Pyrex dish - about a half cup size and then used a paint brush to stroke inside the head. It was so thick that I was wiping hairs out. I diluted it with water and continued and got less hairs. It took a full 24 hours to dry and that was a newborn size head (Noe).

Based on Jean’s experience I guess I will be squirting all glue in a dish before putting in in the doll.

Today I discovered that Wal*Mart has stainless steel dishes (about 1/8 cup each) in the dishwares section for either .94 cents or $1.94 for 4 or 5 of them. However many or whatever the price, it is a bargain. Less than 50 cents each. I paid a lot more from a Chef’s Catalog, a few years ago. They could be used for glue or Genesis paint or for their intended purpose - spices or other baking needs.