Just wanted You to know


I don’t reply much on the forum, but I do read it and wanted all to know that there seems to be a great bunch of people here. So nice to answer questions and help another. Sometimes life is to busy with living that we don’t let someone know we apprciate them, so I wanted all to know I think Your a great bunch.

Have A Blessed Day
Patricia ANN


Wow, very thoughtful of you. That was a very nice thing to do. Not many people take time out of their busy day just to say something kind. Bless you.


Thank you I enjoy this forum and it is very helpful to me as a beginner reborner. Thank you everyone for being so nice.


How sweet of you, Patricia Ann. Yes, there are some very nice people on this forum. I’ve enjoyed my short time here too.


How nice of you! I enjoy this forum; everyone is so nice and willing to help with anything