Just wanted to share a wip pic of a drawing I'm working on


I’m working on a portrait of my dad’s dogs…I still have lots to do. The first dog is close to being done and I still need to draw the second dog.


That looks amazing!


Great job so far, looks just like the picture.


Very talented :heart_eyes:




Very nice!


What a talent you have, beautiful work.


It’s about time Mel-------I’ve really missed seeing your drawings!! Does your dad know about this or is it going to be a gift for him?? He’s going to be so thrilled. Awesome work!!


Wow, you are quite the artist.


Indeed he does Lynn :smiley: his wife asked me if I could draw their dogs…and as I make more progress I send them pictures. I’m also working on another portrait of a co-workers daughter.

still have lots to do on this one as well


Thank you ladies!!! You all have brought a smile to my face with your compliments!!! :smiley: :heart:️:purple_heart:


You deserve compliments. Do you still accept special orders?


I do!!! However it would take some time to complete a portrait since I work overnights at Walmart full-time and that place is physically and mentally draining.


Looks great!


You are really good.


You have talent!


Amazing work!!!


I have made a little more progress on the portrait of the little girl


Amazing work.


Thank you!!! This is the finished portrait