Just testing!

I am a bit frustrated with starting a “New Topic” from my MacIntosh devices (iPad, iPhone, and iMac). In the topic line, I can only see the first 2 letters until I go the the text box and then it shows up. I just changed my browser from Safari on the iMac and it works beautifully from that browser. Since I can’t change browsers on the tablet or phone, I guess I will just have to stay frustrated. @EmilyBB is this something your tech people might have any control over?

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Hi Pia,

Yes it is doing the same thing for me when testing it in Safari. I will look into it and let you know what I can do or when it’s fixed.

Emily, Bountiful Baby


Hi @pia,

I had reported to this to our forum technician with my first response to this topic.

I just got word form the technician that it should be resolved now. Please verify that you are no longer having this issue with Safari across any of your Macintosh devices.


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Bountiful Baby

Working now! Thanks.