Just stopping by to share my latest baby


Thank you! That means a lot coming from you, @sweetiepieapril, since one of my goals at the moment is to paint like you (I obviously have a long way to go. Lol) Your Ping Lau prototypes are my absolute favorite out there.


Shes beautiful


Can I do that with the head to prevent collapsing during baking as well? My Corbin head keeps collapsing on me


Of course you can :slight_smile: I also often stuff the heads and arms too if they are super soft vinyl. It makes it so much easier to paint them :blush:


Looks like a free standing paper towel holder!!


She’s so pretty. :slight_smile:


Oh wow, your talent is the reason you are so busy! She is soooo beautiful! And I am super picky so i can say that with great confidence!


Her skin is really beautiful. She looks very real.