Just stopping by to share my latest baby




Wow she’s so sweet!!

Wonderful job!


She is cute! Who is she?


I don’t know why her hand looks shiny, it’s not that way in person. I also really need to work on my photography skills. They are pretty much nonexistent. :smile:


She is Charlotte by Ping Lau @jlesser


Precious baby.


She is darling!


Really nice skin tones!!!


She is beautiful!


Thanks, @Mommy2five. This baby was based on a real baby of a korean mom and white dad. I struggled for this skin tone! :smile:


She is gorgeous! I love ping lau sculpts. I’m saving and practicing my skills to get a ping lau kit to make for myself.


She’s beautiful! :heart:


I love Ping Lau sculpts too, but let me tell you, it was quite the experience painting that lower torso. I have one more kit like this and probably should come up with a better game plan before even attempting to paint it.


What difficulties did you have in painting her?


This kit required a lot of neutralizing so I could build color along with depth without it getting too dark, but that was no problem and the vinyl took paint beautifully. Added bonus: the paint stayed for the most part instead of vanishing like it does on some kits.

The problem that I had was how to hold the torso while painting, like positionwise. And that may only be a problem because I use air dry paints. It’s possible to do, obviously, because @sweetiepieapril paints them beautifully, but for me, I will have to think it through a little more carefully next time.


She’s gorgeous.


My secrets to painting these full vinyl lower torsos are :wink:
1: I fill the legs with Poly pellets to just above the upper part of the thigh and stuff the rest with Poly fill to help it hold shape and not collapse in on itself as I paint. I like polypellets in the legs because it’s easier to get them out than Poly fill to replace with glass beads when filling and weighing.
2: this awesome sculpting stand! The torsos fit perfectly on it.

For those who use heat set paint you CAN stuff with Poly fill to help hold shape during painting and baking :slight_smile:


Haaaaa. Who would have tbought? I wrestled with that thing more than I can even tell you and a $9 stand would have solved it all. I did stuff it with polyfill, but not good enough… I still had ankles twisting and calves collapsing. :smile:

Oh well, next time. Thanks, @sweetiepieapril!!


Your welcome and your Charlotte is beautiful!