Just placed my first order on new website!


@bbsupport I just wanted to say I just placed my first order on the new wesite and I like it!
Everything is beautifully presented and for me easily found. The speed of loading is so much better!
I was able to order all I needed with no problems. (Other than I did realize after I sent in the order I ordered one body too many! LOL! That was my fault as I looked at it twice and didn’t realize I had put it in my cart twice. No worries I will eventually use it.)

Anyways, with some complaining, I felt it is important to also be verbal when we have a GOOD experience! Thank you BB!


I loved placing my order on the new website too! It’s so much smoother and simpler, and looks more up-to-date than the old version. Thanks, Bountiful Baby!


I agree !


Yes, really easy to place orders!

I am finding the new site very easy to use, thanks @bbsupport!


I have ordered once as well and everything went great and smooth and just as fast to arrive as before. :heart:


Searching for items is DEFINITELY a lot easier now.


I love being able to look up my order histories. I’m still trying to figure out navigation. But overall, the new site is going to be so much easier than the old one.


Wow just noticed the new layout it’s so sophisticated. I love it. I’m used to the old one but this new websit it’s so nice to look at