Just Ordered Raine - You?

Who is ordering Raine and will you make a boy or girl. I think boy for me.


I got the kit and it will be a boy for sure!!!

Ordering both if hubby well let me and raine will be a girl !!!

Oh - I really would like to see Raine as a girl. Looking forward to it.


Nope, haven’t ordered Raine, am debating on ordering Ryan though. Raine looks awful close to Michelle’s other babies, Tory and Rina…Tory is a total disaster to do, and Rina looks about as bad. Raine is kinda related if you ask me…if you don’t get the shading etc right on him/her then it will be awful sad and shadowed looking.
I really like Ryan, except for his hands. I don’t like fisted hands as much as spread fingers. I was so hoping that Kyle would go up first! I am definitely ordering him!
I am so disappointed that we only got two at a time! lol…twins are better than sextuplets I guess! LOL
I will just go back to waiting impatiently for Kyle.