Just ordered annie

I ordered an annie and im wondering if the clothes are going to be really nine months because I read somewhere that 6 months fit better. Oh wait isn’t it usually 6 to9 months on clothing anyhow? I think I answered my own question!

Anyway I got green eyes for her because she’s older I think they will look good. She’s cute im not really the biggest fan of how she was reborn hbn is extremely talented but it think id like her better with a full head of hair since she’s older.
I’ve wanted to make a big baby forever and she is new and looks like a sweetheart.

Really loved stormy because my older son said he looks like my younger son but im not sure he would sell too easy. I need to sell the ones I make in order to make more for hobby so I can’t take too many risks you know what I mean.

But I love stormy, wish I had money to make him for keep but around my bday im going to ask for bb gift cards!!

Congrats !!! I wish I could get her too but low on funds right now -Cant wait to see her done !!!

this is so weird there were like 7 replies on this a while ago?

ohh okay i just saw the post

I ordered Annie, too. I saw it under seconds, though, so I snatched one of those. Trying to stretch the bucks a bit! Just sold my twins, though. Hurray. I was getting worried because my enemployment is running out and I am waiting to see if I can get a job I applied for.

oh cool Kim I knew those twins were gonna go fast! yup i got a seconds annie too im broke n spending $$ I dont have thats not good! but its gonna be fun to see how we each make her different!

I know they got rid of the posts I was wondering what happened it was when the server was down it wasnt me!!

I am wishing I grabbed Stormy, I had fallen in love with him. (well stormy seconds I am talking about) I will probably end upbuying a 1st stormy when i come across more $$ in the future. there is something about him that i just fell in love with!

Not only did I sell the twins, I have a request for another set but using Stormy and Kitten. Guess I’ll be busy a little bit. But, oh, that rooting!!! It’s so time consuming!!!

Oh that’s wonderful, kim!! Cannot WAIT to see your stormy I love him

seconds Annie was 25 bucks. i could not pass it up. ive never got to do a big baby yet. i wanted stormy but couldnt decide, i had to pick one, so it was annie!
oh yep the server was down so some posts didnt save

My request twins are going to be Kitten and Cuddles. The woman changed her mind. But, I still have Annie coming.