Just listed Sera


She’s so precious. Must have taken you forever and a day to root all that hair.


What a cutie! BOL with her auction.


she is so cute, good luck with ebay…


She is sooo sweet, I’m rooting her on,

 Hugs Tina


Congratulations Karen…the hair is gorgeus! BOL on Ebay!

Can I ask you which kind of mohair do you used and where can I get it?

I need some really straight mohair for an asian doll I’m planning to do…I was thinking in Ruby Red mohair…do you know (or anyone else) which would be best, Straight one or Curved one?

When I tried straight mohair before (from Pitter Patter), the hair didn’t laid plain on the scalf…if I put the needle in more angle…then the hair didn’t show inside the head, so I can’t seal it…OMG, I hope all that make sense …you know, my poor english…

Thank you very much for any tips you can give me.


adorable baby! I hope she does well for you!


Thank you very much for the tip, Karen, I would try Ruby Red mohair then…another more question…did you use the “straight” or the “curved” one?
Cogratulations again for your babies, both are beautiful!


Thank you very much for your help, Karen.

I’m gona try the straight one too, I want my asian baby to have straight, straight, straight… as you say
I wish her hair will turn half nice than yours on Ember and Sera! I’ll show you when is finished (in several month if I put so much hair )
I agree, costumers doesn’t realize how hard is the rooting.