Just listed Paige


http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … :MESELX:IT


Wow she is gorgeous, I love how you did her hair. Bol on her auction.

        Hugs Tina


She’s the best Paige I have seen!


Yes, she’s the best Paige I’ve seen as well.


She is the prettiest little paige I have ever seen. Makes me want to try that kit after all. BOL on your auction.


Hi Sheila
You are the best!!! I cant wait till I learn all your awesome skills.
Love ya


She’s so precious and WOW on the rooting! BOL with her auction.


Oh I love her …how cute!


Thank you all so much . I love showing you my babies. I hope you dont mind…hugs


You did a great job with her, she is as cute as a button. The rooting is wonderful. Can you teach me??? LOL. Best of Luck


WOW she is gorgeous! I love her hair and the layette is so pretty and feminine
Great job


LOVE HER!! What eyes did you use? BOL with your auction!




I am not a huge fan of the Paige sculpt, but wow, yours is absolutely adorable! I love love LOVEEE her hair! Great job, and BOL on the auction!


You did an amazing job on her hair. You need to give us “droolers” lessons! She is the best Paige I’ve seen too. I did a Paige, and I put the eyes in from the front, and she looks so scared! Did you put yours in from the front or back? I made the doll cuz I thought it looked like my grand-daughter as a newborn. Well, she picked up the doll and laughed and said “this one’s really scary!”


She is beee - uuu - tifull!! I love those little kissey toes!