Just having an amazing week!

I have had a great week… after 2 shows and no sales I came home and relisted all my babies on etsy and eBay… Since Wednesday of last week I have sold My Kyra My Brea, My Nolan, My Elise!! and I now Have 2 customs!!! I am shipping out a custom I just finished tomorrow and I have had enough in the baby fund to buy some new kits to work on… I have to say I bought the Nolan kit when it was 14 dollars and I did not like the look of him one bit … BUT he is now one of my very favorites he he is just soooo gorgeous he sold the day I listed him on Etsy… Sorry for going on and on but after a really slow couple of weeks this week has been good to me My Nolan

My Kyra

My Elise

My Brea

and now a custom Kate and a custom Paisley Sooo excited!!!

Good for you - - - - I, too have 4 customs I am working on. Sometimes it’s feast or famine!! Go figure.


Congratulations to both of you! My husband and I were talking a few weeks ago about how I don’t have a clue why sometimes babies sell and other times they aren’t being bid on. He wanted me to have something to do while I was down with my back and told me to figure it out, knowing my curiousity kills me! Still don’t have a clue what makes one baby sell and another one doesn’t! Apparently you two know the secret!

That’s great news! As the economy rebounds, there’s probably a huge pent-up demand for these babies! You’ll be busy! Keep on advertising, handing out those business cards, and you’ll have to hire help! LOL! (That’s not to say your baby sales are just the result of the economy–it’s your quality work that brings in the buyers!)

Awesome Im so happy for you! )