Just got my newbies

Well I just got Phoenix and boy is he cute! I bought him at Nonies Reborn Angels. But at the same time I got Hattie and I am so upset. She came with a cross-shaped dent on her forehead, really deep. She couldn’t have left Nonies this way. It is way too obvious to overlook and she never would have been shipped with this. But the package isn’t insured and I don’t know if Nonies will make good on it since I doubt it was their problem. Hattie is really cute in person and I would really like a replacement. I’ve send a message asking what I should do. I hate to have this beautiful kit and not be able to use it. Sigh… Why does this stuff happen all the time. There was no dent in the box. Nothing I could find to blame this one except it’s been very warm and she might have been pressed up against the box hard.


Oh my!!! Well, they will just have to replace that!

Yeah, except I don’t think it’s there fault and with no insurance I doubt this is going to have a happy ending. We’ll see.

If the box wasn’t damaged… I think it was an oversite on their part Helen. Even with the heat… She should f been packaged differently.


Did you try warming it for a bit? Sometimes my kits come dented,couple minutes in oven and they go back into shape.
If not, I would get refunded. No dent in box, no way it happend during shipping.


Yup. I tried it right away. I stuffed the head as tight as I could and then baked for 10 minutes with no noticeable change. That was the first thing I thought of because i really didn’t want to have to send her back, but the damage is deep into the vinyl. Hattie is really cute by the way. I don’t think she was terribly popular and I don’t really know why. Her limbs aren’t the greatest. Maybe that’s it. If I get a good head, maybe I’ll swap them out. But maybe not , cause she is LE.

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I would call straight away!

It looks like a large fontanel to me but I can’t find a picture of an unreborned kit. All the reborned ones have a thick thatch of hair in the middle.

I’m so sorry, Helen! I agree you should call the company. Let us know what happens. :confused:

I guess you can’t see the line that runs across and the other one that runs down in the shape of a cross? That’s the real problem. I don’t know if that dip is the fontanel. I asked in my email to her. I could work around that, but the big pressed in X is impossible to do anything with unless I was making a frankenstein doll and wanted to put stiches there. LOL. I have to look at the picture and be sure that shows up because that;s the same picture I sent to her.


It’s really clear on my computer. Can everyone else see the cross-shaped mark okay?



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Thanks, Nikki.

I can see it very clearly. If the box was not damaged and there was nothing square inside the box, then it didn’t happen in transit. Therefore, it must have been that way when it was placed inside the shipping box. That’s how I see it anyway. If you have already heated it, then it’s not coming out and I would call it defective.

I would ask for a replacement. If they tell you no, then you can figure out some work around, but at least ask.


Yes, I agree. I just looked the box over really well and cannot for the life of me figure out how it could make a cross-shaped impression. There is no damage to the box at all. It came through really well and no damage to any other doll parts within the box. I wrote to her. I’ll have to see what she has to say. If she says it didn’t happen there, then I just don’t know what I’ll do. Lose my money I guess. She’s a medium priced kit too. Not high-end price bus she is LE. This sucks!

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I believe it’s the way the fontanel was sculpted. You can kinda see it in these pics.

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This has to be disappointing. I also clearly see the X lines. Because of where they are on the X I assumed they’re suture lines in the skull. I’ll be curious to know their response. If it is fontanel and suture lines it explains why there’s not a single baldy in the bunch. Can you just put thick hair in the middle like everyone else seems to have done?

Helen, I too have a Hattie and she is made the exact same way so I don’t think it is a defect. It could be some sort of mold mark or something, maybe?? I don’t know what it’s suppose to represent but it is pretty weird. I do however think she was meant to be that way. If you do ask about it please post the answer they give you. Thanks.

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It looks like you guys are right. I can’t work with that! Mine looks like a cross cut into her head. I have never seen a soft spot like that and I can’t relate to that. her face is so cute, but how could I sell her except as a booboo, but it’s not my booboo.

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Oh no!!! Sorry your kit came that way. Its frustrating when your excited about your package arriving and then you see that. :cry: